Welcome! This is Takween.

We define, then Create , brands and animation that make a difference.

By investigating, thinking, doing – and delivering.
By combining the verbal and visual in a way others don’t, or can’t.
By addressing substance, not just surface.
By looking beyond the brand, to what the brand is there to make happen.

Social Media Management

Our social experts build new connections with customers and help them to appreciate your products and feel at home with your business.

Business Blogging

Give us your digital blank pages and we will tell your story. Let us share how your service and values make your company stand above your competition.


Our Search Engine Optimization expertise means you don’t need to play hide-and-seek with click-and-search. We help Google, Bing, and even Facebook fans find your content.

Creative Direction and Copywriting

You need to tell your story , we love your version , we will develop it and deliver it to the targeted audience.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising will expand the reach of your network. Takween will help you strategically place your web ads on Google and Facebook.

Online Newsletters

Email? Yep. It’s alive and serving a vital partnering role with business blogging and your social media efforts. Email newsletters are still a great lead capture tool.

Events planning and Management

Advertising and Event Management. We offer full services for advertising and marketing in MENA . Event management, Conference organizers, Corporate event planning and Team building. In addition to Decoration, Venue booking, and Catering. In conclusion, we specialize in designing, production and managing professional corporate events throughout MENA .

Professional Training

Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.


We work with people who want to do big things: tackle hunger; fight for an open internet; address child poverty; raise billions for innovation and education; bring culture and enlightenment to the world; create products that rewrite the rules of their sector; change minds and change lives.
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Our Awesome Works

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Together with our clients, we explore fundamental questions – what they do, how they do it, who do they do it for, and why. Then we find answers they can use.


We don’t just help brands change. We help them change the world.

Why choose Us

working with Takween means taking a big to-do off your list. We’re truly a one-stop creative shop. You can come to Takween for any and every Creative need, from website design, online ad creation, social media, applications, immersive environment, and VR/AR to traditional marketing services like print design, video production and copywriting. And, while you may never need all our creative services, you’ll get the one you need most: confidence. You’ll know you’ve got creative expertise in your corner. You’ll know you’re making the right decisions. You’ll know you’ve got a handle on social media—and that it’s working for you. And you’ll know you’ll have a professional-looking website and business identity that gets you more business. Because Takween can take care of your needs, you know that you can focus on your business. We not only understand which technology trends to add to your marketing arsenal, we also know how to do everything from hands-on, quick-turn web design projects to planning for your next new product. Best of all, our standard for success is your success. Whether your goal is lead generation, product sales, inventory blowout, or bringing a new service to market, we’re here to help you make it happen. And we won’t stop until we do. Call us today or contact us and ask about how our creative services can help you move your organization forward.

Our Mission

Takween mission is to provide the most relevant, up-to-date and cutting edge information to all that interact with the business so that each professional has the opportunity to form new thinking and devise innovative strategies, generate real return on investment and aid the growth of their own businesses. our aim is to build a unique portfolio of products that are recognised as the most progressive, innovative and market leading platforms in Middle East In order to ensure we achieve our mission, we have a set of core values that run through the company : Being an ethical business
To listen, understand and act accordingly
To support best practice
To create an entrepreneurial environment
To deliver outstanding products

What you get

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