Keffiyah Dreams Animated Scarves



Foundland Collective was formed in 2009 by South African Lauren Alexander and Syrian Ghalia Elsrakbi and since 2014 has been based between Amsterdam and Cairo. The duo collaboration explores under-represented political and historical narratives by working with archives via art, design, writing, educational formats, video making and storytelling. Throughout their development, the duo has critically reflected upon what it means to produce politically engaged work from the position of non-Western artists working between Europe and the Middle East.


Keffiyah Dreams is a series of scarf designs which take the traditional Middle Eastern keffiyah patterned scarf as starting point. In Keffiyah Dreams, Foundland interrogates the keffiyah pattern as a placeholder symbol for struggle movements, which may ironically defend conflicting ideologies. As a result of several conversations with Foundland team, we have worked on animating these scarves, giving them an additional layer (i.e. time) with the hope to tell their stories


Foundland Collective

2D Animation, Motion Graphics, TCS