Our planetarium is an ideal place for edutainment (education + entertainment). The planetarium is impressive with its infinite possibilities for traveling through time and space. It is a valuable medium for stimulating imagination and creativity as it allows us to access unlimited stories and environments in a collective experience.

TAKWEEN possesses over than ten years of experience with installations and immersive film production in the Middle East and Africa. We produced our first full-dome film in 2012. Currently we possess five films and two are still in production. In addition to our permanent dome in the Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center, we offer an “Orbit Program” with a portable dome in Egypt and in Kuwait. Usually, our screenings are followed with a variety of activities targeting school children.

This immersive space brings us closer to a subject in ways that are not possible on a flat screen. The planetarium is not only a place for learning about a specific topic but also an opportunity for interpersonal exchange. Facilitators can provide the students with tools to connect and interact with each other for better understanding of a certain topic.

Success Stories

This is a sample of our collaborations:

• Children’s Civilization & Creativity Center
• A’Takamul International School, Kuwait
• Gulf English School, Kuwait
• Leaders International College, Egypt
• October Sporting Club
• The American University in Cairo
• AdvancED Teaching Materials
• Dome Theatre

International Presence

TKWEEN has participated in many screenings, festivals and events both in fixed structures and with our inflatable dome.

We also have an international membership at the Fulldome Database (fddb) and an upcoming show at the Fulldome Festival Brno (FFb).