El 3eyaal Lamma Tes2al

(العيال لما تسأل)

What Would You Tell Your Children?


Om El 3eyaal is a platform for parents to find positive parenting tips and tricks. Through many media formats, Om El 3eyaal provides structured advice and insights about children’s puzzling behavior.


As part of a collaboration between Om El 3eyaal and TAKWEEN, we worked together on the concept of “El 3eyaal Lamma Tes2al” show that currently has two seasons. Since all children ask “weird” questions (e.g. puberty, spending, tolerance, etc.), this series is a tool for parents to help them with some answers and how to articulate them. While the first season is entirely animated, the second season focuses on Maha, the parenting coach, with animation complementing her speech.




Takween Partnership

2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Takween, Video Editing