IN Studio Branding

Full Branding, Identity Design, Editorial Design, and Copywriting 


Founded in 2017, IN Studio provides many professional engineering services to an array of clients in various sectors. Among successful collaborations, the company has proven experience in administrative and office buildings, malls, hotels, military buildings, and residential compounds. Integration between art, aesthetics and science can produce masterpieces. IN Studio adopts innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) services which is the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.


Before we started working on IN Studio branding, we met with their team to set a clear strategy. We agreed on a professional, simple yet bold look and feel. Our goal was to create a recognizable brand that reflects their expertise and the quality of their services. We started with setting the tone then brand persona until creating a brand style guide for their visual communication, being applied to their analog and digital touch points.


IN Studio

Branding, Print Design, Social Media Design, TCS