Nozha Khareg El Satr

(نزهة خارج السطر)

A Literary Conversation


Nozha Khareg El Satr (نزهة خارج السطر) is a series produced by Kuwait’s Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) and presented by the young talent Reem Al Hajri. Every episode is a conversation with a new guest during a visit to their personal library.


For the show’s visual identity we decided to use a collage of elements in a paper cutout style. The chosen aesthetic reflects the feeling of an intimate physical space with a lot of paper such as a library. In the intro, the concept behind the collage was to illustrate Reem’s narrated ideas using visual metaphors to invite the viewer and put them in the friendly conversational mood of the show.


CAP Kuwait

2D Animation, Branding, Motion Graphics, TCS, Video Editing