We know presentations! We use programs such as PowerPoint and Prezi to captivate audiences. Don’t worry if this seems out of your league. It is our league.

Website Design & Development

Your website should be mobile first, easy to update, and stylish. We specialize in layout flair, photos that pop, and words that add pizzazz.

Video and Photography

Video is the future, and the future is now. Takween can create crisp video content and provide professional photography services for your business.

Printing and graphic design

We know how to send your messages via visual language , we know what color going to fit your target , we know how to design

Mobile Applications

A fully mobile application designing and development services , from the basic static one to the very dynamic applications , including Booking Apps , Communications App, Mobile Games,….etc.

Immersive Media Production


From Affordable projection systems and inflatable theatres to 360o films, our company has over 10 years experience with installations and immersive film production in middle east and Africa .

360 Media production

Affordable VR/AR applications , from Virtual tours to Goggles experiences .and more applications and solutions.

Holograms materials

Holograms can give your customers the “huh moment “you need to grap their attention. We have a variety of holographic solutions and products. Our technical team has over 10 years experience with hologram installation and media production.